I thought I retired back in 2010. We traveled for about a year and a half before coming back to the GTA.

One day then phone rang.  "Do you still build websites?" the caller asked.

I used to try to be very professional back in the day but, that day was in the rear view mirror now.  

"Do you still pay for websites?" I asked and, so it began again.

It amazes me how I can go away for months but, the phone rings again when we get back. I still really enjoy building sites.

Beyond, 'something to do' and some extra money (one can always use some more money!) I love the design and the business aspect of web work.

I follow my sites after they are launched. I love hearing back from clients about the success they are having.  I love the never ending technology changes that come along. The design aspect helps me feed the mildly artsy side of my being also.

I maintain my sites from a technical update and security standpoint. I do some text / graphic updates but, I much prefer (as do most of my site owners) to teach folks how to do simple everyday updating themselves.

The button below will take you to my "Work" site.  (huummmm -  Looks like my work site is going to be my next project!)

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