I was born in Toronto, Jan 16, 1950. My sister was 3 year old when I got here. We lived in West Hill and Scarborough until I moved out and into Yorkville in 1967. Yorkville in the 60's was exciting. I got into a wee bit of trouble but, I'll save those stories for the longer version of this.

I got married in 1971 and divorced in '78. I have two great daughters, Michelle and Christine from that chapter. After staying single for 8 more years, Lynne married me, to save me from a life of shallow relationships and meaningless sex. We have a fantastic son, Jordan, together. 

Lynne taught for her career. I worked in retail hardware store management, a touch of kids show business for a bit, then to kitchen design and management before getting involved in computer work. Lynne wasn't happy when I came home one day to explain how I was going to quit my lucrative IT contract to start up an Internet Development business in 1994 but, that worked out pretty well for us for a good number of years. 

We retired in 2010 and began our travels. We bought an old house up on Lake Simcoe a few years back and enjoy the summers here and the winters on the road. I get away in the summer for a few weeks here and there to ride my motorcycle all over North America.

Wow. As I wrote that, a lot of stories flashed through my mind. I've been pretty lucky in my life so far. There will be more to follow I'm sure!

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