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I'd been meaning to re-design my personal site for a long time. Much like the story of the 'Shoemakers Kids" my own site is just about the last one I ever get to.

I can't decide yet if I want to write a whole long story here or just a quick overview. There's lot of stuff that I'd like to get finished on the site so, I think for now, a snapshot will do.

I was born in Toronto, Jan 16, 1950 with a sister 3 year old at the time. We lived in West Hill and Scarborough until I moved out and into Yorkville in 1967. Yorkville in the 60's was exciting. I got into a wee bit of trouble but, I'll save those stories for the longer version of this.

I got married in 1971 and divorced in '78. I have two great daughters, Michelle and Christine from that time. After staying single for 8 more years, Lynne married me, to save me from a life of shallow relationships and meaningless sex. We have a son, Jordan, together. 

Lynne taught for her career. I worked in retail hardware store management, a touch of kids show business for a bit, then to kitchen design and management before getting involved in computer work. Lynne wasn't happy when I came home one day to explain how I was going to quit my lucrative IT contract to start up an Internet Development business in 1994 but, that worked out pretty well for us for a good number of years. 

We retired in 2010 and began our travels. We bought an old house up on Lake Simcoe a few years back and enjoy the summers here and the winters on the road. I get away in the summer for a few weeks here and there to ride my motorcycle all over North America.

Wow. As I wrote that, a lot of stories flashed through my mind. I've been pretty lucky in my life so far. There will be more to follow I'm sure!


2016 - Jan 16 - March 20 - Thailand > China > Thailand
2016 - May 30  - June 28 - Bike trip Route 66 - Vancouver > Victoria > California

2015 - March 24 - April 9 - House sitting Tallahassee Florida
2015 - May 14 - 17 - Ironbutt 4400k Great Lake Ride in 84 Hours
2015 - November 4 - 26 - House sitting Kergrist France
2015 -  Nov 26  - Dec 8 - Drive all over France through Italy and Switzerland and Paris

2014 - March 28 - April 12 - House sitting Albuquerque, NM
2014 - March 14 to 19 - House sitting Ajijic Mexico
2014 - May 30 - June 24 - Alaska Bike Trip
2014 - Feb / March House sitting Ajijic Mexico - Recommendation

2013 - House sit one week in Ajijic 2013 - Vacation 2 months in Mexico
2013 - Oct 9 - 13 - Annapolis Boat Show

2012 - Vacation 3 months in Mexico 2011 - Cross Country Bike Trip - Blog

2011 - Camino Walk - 850k over 6 weeks in Spain - Blog

2010 - 2011 Living in Ajijic Mexico - Blog

2008 - 2 Weeks Exploring Panama

Earlier Blogs

Lynne and I have blogged on many of our trips.
The links below lead to several of them.

Route 66 Motorcycle Ride
May 30 - June 28, 2016

Thailand, China & Hong Kong
Jan 16 - March 20 2016

Ride Around America
June 5 - July 17, 2012

The Camino Walk
Sept 20 - Nov 4 2011

2009 Mexico Trip
Oct 2009 - May 2010

Ironman Lake Placid
July 2009 - March 2010

Photo Albums

We took a lot of pictures for a lot of years starting back in 2001.  I tossed them all up in various albums linked from a much earlier incarnation of this site. I still have all of those albums on the server. I'm going to get back to link them all back up again one of these days. In the meantime, Facebook albums have taken over. The button below get's you to them.



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I ride alone all over North America. Part of the 'freedom" I get from riding is not having to compromise at all so, riding with anyone else cuts into that for me. There are many areas in the mountains and in the SW US where there is no cell service at all.

I came across this GPS transmitter at a boat show a few years ago. It works great for both, letting Lynne know where I am when I'm traveling and, it has a couple of options for getting help via satellite also.

Click on the image to view the site if you're interested in one for yourself. It's very reasonably priced.




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Jackson's Point,
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I thought I retired back in 2010. We traveled for about a year and a half before coming back to the GTA. One day then phone rang.  "Do you still build websites?" the caller asked. I used to try to be very professional back in the day but, that day was in the rear view mirror now.  "Do you still pay for websites?" I asked and, so it began again. 

Man@WorkIt amazes me how I can go away for months but, the phone rings again when we get back. I still really enjoy building sites. Beyond, 'something to do' and some extra money (one can always use some more money!) I love the design and the business aspect of web work. I follow my sites after they are launched. I love hearing back from clients about the success they are having. I love the never ending technology changes that come along. The design aspect helps me feed the mildly artsy side of my being also.

The button below will take you to my "Work" site.  (huummmm -  Looks like my work site is going to be my next project!)

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